First of all, thank you everyone who donated!

The big day came around and after raising over £2395 I set forth with razors, clippers and scissors (big seamstress ones…) on a gruelling 7 razor, 5 hour shaving marathon.

Don’t worry if you’ve not had a chance to doante yet, donations are still being taken on my Brave the Shave page, so be cool like all the other kids and give generously!

We had a BBQ for people who’d sponsored to witness the removal. For those of you who couldn’t make it; fear not (or maybe fear more…); Chloe made a micro documentary*!

Like the movie? Go donate!

To make the most of the sheared head hair was donated to the Little Princess Trust.

* If I’d known she was going to make such a professional recording, in such high definition, I’d maybe have hit the gym and stayed off the cheese for a few weeks prior…