Welcome to my corner of the web. A bit of a mix of ephemera, ideas, music and other oddities.

  • Commissioned build: a Sampleslicer for Ian

    Ian asked me to build him a Sampleslicer. They’re great modules (I have one already) and let you do some really nice things like recording loops back on themselves and slide/slice through whats been recored. They also have a really nice, open UI which I like and I think makes them good for performance.
  • Departures & beginnings

    Wrote this for friends leaving town. It’s a bit sad, but has a splash of hope & anticipation.
  • PayID & Cloud Functions live coding Twitch, part 2

    Part two pulled together all the things into a working demo, Matt is indeed a big spender! Even the docker gods smiled on us…

    By accident I ended up with three PCB’s for the Non-Linear Circuits Triad module. So I decided to put them into one mega TriADADAD module.
  • PayID & Cloud Functions live coding Twitch

    Yesterday I got on a Twitch video stream with my friend & colleague Matt Hamilton. He’s been talking about micropayments, interledger, XRP etc. for some time, and with lockdown I’ve been thinking about it a bit more. It seems like a nice way to address “the original sin” of the web, and let people pay for what they consume without giving away their entire online selves (and that of the rest of their social network, too…).
  • Mini gig rig

    I wrote up how I made a “mini gig rig” over on the Anechoics site
  • BOM Hub

    Early days yet, but over Christmas I started https://bomhub.github.io with someone in France. The idea is that it becomes a collection of sdiy BOM’s and some “crowd sourced” build guides. Very early stages yet, but I think it could be useful. I’d like to get to a point where it rendered actual BOMs, as opposed to linking out to them, and was able to search over them to identify common components between projects (“I’m building a Rot8, what could I over order to build a Jove?”). It would also be really neat if it could fire those into Octopart or similar, such that you can buy a nice load of electronics in one easy step.
  • Sports team vs rock band

    A friend posted a link to a New York Times article about start up culture, how increasingly folk in “unicorn” roles are disposable and how this fosters an unpleasant environment to work in. The article points to Netflix’s culture of “We’re a team, not a family.”, and how they’ve taken the analogy into performance culture of the company. In the author of the articles experience this translated into being measured against VORP; “value over replacement player”, a concept taken from the world of baseball.
  • Visualising graphs

    with Python and IBM Graph Data Store
  • On blockquote

    Someone tweeted about how responsive designs should include different sized images for different devices the other day. For some reason this made me think about Blockquotes this morning.
  • These are my synths

    A while back I saw a video of Adrian Utley playing an Arturia MiniBrute. For some reason it really resonated with me, and I ended up buying one. I have to admit, that was the start of an addiction. I now have a small (but growing) army of synths.
  • New site layout

    I decided to tweak metsonet a bit, and so have switched to Jekyll for the site (it’s already running as a github “page” so it makes sense). Hopefully this means its easier for me to post & keep it updated. Bare with me as I tweak the styling a bit…
  • iFree

    I’ve been thinking, off and on, about doing less stuff online, or rather, online activities being a part of something larger, rather than an end in themselves. I like twitter, facebook etc. but I also like listening to records, playing music, making marble runs and riding my bike. One set of things I’m putting a lot of time into, the others not so much. So, the plan is to use January as a time to go offline a bit more.
  • Hairy

    First of all, thank you everyone who donated!

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