I’ve been thinking, off and on, about doing less stuff online, or rather, online activities being a part of something larger, rather than an end in themselves. I like twitter, facebook etc. but I also like listening to records, playing music, making marble runs and riding my bike. One set of things I’m putting a lot of time into, the others not so much. So, the plan is to use January as a time to go offline a bit more.

A lot of why these things pull me in is how accessible they are - it’s basically a NoOp to open the iPhone or iPad and check on them. At the same time there’s a lot online that’s good and useful, I’d not want to be cut off completely. Even checking on Facebook occasionally isn’t a bad thing per se, but I’d like to make it harder, so that it’s not the default thing to do when at a loose end.

So, rather than cut the network cables and power off the wifi router I plan to restrict my time on the iDevices. This is going to be tricky - the iPhone is basically the family camera, the iPad is how I listen to Spotify - but I’ll work something out.