I’ve been doing some work on Tekton this morning, dusting off somethings I did back in April. One thing that I wrote down at the time but now can’t find (grumble) is how I got a local instance running on minikube, so I thought I’d put it here for posterity.

minikube start

# Clean install
kubectl delete namespace tekton-pipelines
kubectl delete deployment -n tekton-pipelines tekton-dashboard

# Install tekton & its dashboard
kubectl apply -f https://storage.googleapis.com/tekton-releases/latest/release.yaml
kubectl apply --filename https://storage.googleapis.com/tekton-releases/dashboard/latest/tekton-dashboard-release.yaml

# Verify (ctrl-c to get out)                     
kubectl get pods --namespace tekton-pipelines --watch

# Access via port forwarding
kubectl --namespace tekton-pipelines port-forward svc/tekton-dashboard 9097:9097

This gets to a working tekton dashboard accessible at localhost:9097.

You can then push resources in via kubectl apply -f pipeline.yaml etc.

Theres a tekton CLI now (at least, I don’t think it was there when I last used it) which can be installed via brew, I also had an old minikube, so updated via:

brew install tektoncd-cli
brew install minikube
brew upgrade minikube

Some helpful blogs: