Inspired by the Music Thing Modular workshop notebook and an Ikea notebook I’ve started a simple SDIY template, that folds into three panes. At the moment it has:

  • 2, 3, 4, 8 & 16 HP panel sizes (might add 6 & 10HP)
  • Thonkiconn footprint in four orientations
  • IC pin out for 555 timers, TL072 & TL074 chips
  • A simple 56 HP tape measure

Panel template helper

I quite like the iea of it being a double sided guide, so I’m wondering what else to put on it. Things like resistor values seem obvious but less useful, especially for panel design. Knob sizes might be useful, but I think laying out some knobs on the paper would be more useful (though perhaps less practical for coffee shop designing). More IC’s would be good, but which? Pots? Sliders? Switches? Suggestions welcome.