Yesterday I got on a Twitch video stream with my friend & colleague Matt Hamilton. He’s been talking about micropayments, interledger, XRP etc. for some time, and with lockdown I’ve been thinking about it a bit more. It seems like a nice way to address “the original sin” of the web, and let people pay for what they consume without giving away their entire online selves (and that of the rest of their social network, too…).

To that end I’ve created a Coil account, and set up the necessary meta tag on these pages to enable the WebMonetisation standard. If you have the Coil plugin or are using Puma, thanks!

Matt & I started discussing ways that this technology could be used, and the idea of using it with github (other social coding sites exist…) came up. Initially it was just hosting a PayID via github pages:

But that then ballooned into something a bit more involved. Could you support developers by paying them for contributions via PayID? Well, we thought we’d give it a shot.

Below is part one of two (or maybe three…) where we start to build up a thing that pays the contributor for their work, via PayID & the interledger.

It was quite fun, despite a bit of a scramble to get the streaming & code sharing working, and I’m looking forward to doing part two later this week/early next. I’m also thinking about twitching some music making in the not too distant future…