This week I’ve made not one but two Twitch appearances with Matt. The first was starting to code up a ML/AI to identify synth modules. The idea for this came to me when I thought about updating my modulargrid page & realised I’ve got enough bits & pieces that it would be a chore. I’m lazy & we live in the future, so surely a robot could do it for me!

Well, one can’t, yet, but Matt & I will be making one over the coming weeks. So far we’ve got the tooling to make a training dataset (you can see the code here). We’d planned to use a tool that was down at the time of recording, so hastily had to rethink our approach, which led to some mildly panicked coding behind the scenes. I think Matt covered it excellently, though, and did a good job of turning a problem in to a way to explain things to the audience.

The second appearance happened this morning. Matt spotted a GitHub hackathon which our previous twitchings seemed like a good starting point to build upon. I could only join for the first 30 mins (real life got in the way) but when I dropped we had the bare bones of the action set up and I left Matt to “draw the rest of the owl”. Which he duly did.

I have to say, he seems very surprised that it works! ;)

You can watch the full stream below.